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4 Ways You Can Protect Your Finances During a Divorce in NH

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Going through a divorce can be tough. Whether it’s just the two of your or children are involved, there is much to discuss before the marriage can be absolved, including finances. It is important to learn how to protect your finances as you go through divorce proceedings in New Hampshire to ensure that you remain financially stable. Below are a few key points to cover so that your finances are taken care of as you end your marriage.
Documentation is Key

A key factor to any divorce is documentation. For the attorney to determine the division of assets it is important to take time to gather documentation involving your assets such as bank statements, financial records, tax papers, etc. Information will need to be provided individually as well as with joint accounts. It is recommended that you gather at least two to five years of statements. This information can be used in your favor if a spouse makes a large purchase before the divorce with a joint account to show that the purchase was made. There are many scenarios in which such information is needed.

Consultation with Divorce Attorney

To keep the divorce proceedings on track and have help with the financial side of the divorce, you should consult with a divorce attorney that is experienced in New Hampshire law. A divorce lawyer knows what financial mistakes to avoid as well as what you need to do to move forward in your financial decisions before the divorce is final. If a financial issue were to arise, you would have an attorney on hand who can help you with your case.

Setting up Individual Accounts

When you are married, it is not uncommon to have joint accounts. As the divorce process takes place, it is important for you to close all accounts that list you and your spouse and set up individual accounts for your finances. This should be done in order to avoid any disputes or problems financially. To protect your credit, open a credit card account in your name to continue to build credit or to begin building credit as you become single.

Credit Score Check

During as well as after the divorce, you want to keep track of your credit score. As joint accounts are closed and changes are made to finances, your credit score might go down. You also want to check your score to ensure that no purchases have been made in your name. Many spouses find that their soon-to-be ex takes out money or makes purchases including the spouses name before the divorce is final due to anger. Remain alert so this does not happen to you.

Divorcees also find that sometimes a creditor makes a mistake due to changes being made during the divorce process. Consider signing up for a credit monitoring program to keep track of your finances and catching any issues along the way.

Overall, you need to take control of your personal finances and consult an attorney on what you should do in your individual divorce case. Stay alert and make the right decisions to ensure your financial future.

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New Surrogacy Laws New Hampshire - Surrogacy Lawyers NH


Surrogacy has been a legal option for the creation of families in New Hampshire for some time. However, the laws surrounding surrogacy have been restrictive and led to New Hampshire having a reputation as a not very “surrogacy friendly” state. Recent changes proposed to the surrogacy laws may change that reputation and make surrogacy a much smoother and obtainable option for those who want but cannot naturally have their own children.


The first major change in surrogacy laws make the process available to many more people. Before, you could only legally pursue surrogacy if the intended parents were married. Now, that distinction doesn’t matter. Single people can now pursue using a surrogate. It also no longer matters if the intended parents are heterosexual or homosexual. Essentially, anyone, married, unmarried, single, gay, or straight, can use the services of a surrogate to have a child.

In the past, it was mandated by law that the egg used in the pregnancy needed to be from the intended mother. This meant male homosexual couples could not pursue surrogacy in any capacity, although female homosexual couples obviously could. A sperm donor could be used however. Now, an egg donor, sperm donor, or even donated embryo can be used in a surrogate pregnancy in New Hampshire.


The new surrogacy laws also allow for the intended parents to be listed on the initial birth certificate right away, rather than waiting to have a birth certificate changed. Reasonable compensation for a surrogates services are still legal. The details are to be outlined in a contract between the surrogate and the couple or parent.

The new laws only apply to gestational surrogates and not the situation that is legally defined as traditional surrogates. A traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate’s egg is used in the pregnancy. A gestational surrogacy is when the egg belongs to the intended mother or a donor.

Legal Representation

Surrogacy can be a complicated and yet highly rewarding experience for all involved. The legal complications that can arise and the individuality of each situation warrant help from an experienced and skilled attorney. It is vital that the surrogacy attorney involved understands the changes to surrogacy laws in New Hampshire. With a comprehensive legal contract in place and a trusted source of advice and information, the journey of using or being a surrogate in New Hampshire can be a successful and a legally sound venture.


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